Felt mat

Felt mat

Felt mat for windowsills - padded

Our comfortable window sill cushion made of high-quality felt material is the perfect choice for cats who enjoy lying on a window sill and observing their surroundings.

The padded surface provides additional comfort and ensures that your cat feels truly at ease. The mat is made of felt, making it durable and easy to care for. The felt is soft, temperature-regulating, durable, and breathable. This allows your cat to comfortably bask in the warm sun and enjoy the view on sunny days. In colder seasons, the mat provides additional insulation against the cold on the cool window sill due to its material.

The mat is equipped with an anti-slip bottom to ensure that it stays in place while your cat lies on it or jumps onto the mat. The weight of the mat itself, thanks to its good temperature-insulating padding, also contributes to a secure hold on the surface, whether it is a wooden or stone window sill. With a height of approximately 2 cm, opening and closing the windows is still possible in most cases when the felt mat is placed on the window sill. Any attached cat hair can be easily brushed off, keeping the mat tidy at all times.

  • Comfortable window sill cushion made of high-quality felt material
  • Padded surface for additional comfort
  • Temperature-regulating, durable, and breathable
  • Additional insulation against the cold in colder seasons
  • Anti-slip bottom for secure hold
  • Opening and closing of windows still possible
  • Easy cleaning - brushing off cat hair easily