Cat Igloo 2.0

Cat Igloo 2.0

The Cat Igloo 2.0

The successor of the cat's nest

The successor to the CanadianCat Company ® Cat Igloo unites the cats' love for a cozy place to sleep, with the promise of modern design in the delicious donut shape.

All cats, big and small, love caves as a place to rest. The perfect retreat for your baby tiger. The cat's nest also gives a lot of protection and security to cat mothers and their kittens, who find peace in this cat cave to receive their necessary sleep. The cat igloo is also suitable for cats who like to spend their time cuddled together. There is enough space to dream of new adventures together. A section in the form of a circle forms the entrance to the extraordinary and cozy cave. Here your cats find enough space to retire and rest.

The shapely cat's igloo can be disassembled with a zipper and put together to save space.


The design of this cat's nest 2.0 is also protected in Canada by a European design patent.