Felt toy cheese box

Felt toy cheese box

Felt toy cheese box

The CanadianCat® "Cheese" felt toy has the shape of a cute triangular piece of cheese with holes through which your cat can stick its paws and grab the toy inside. Inside the cat toy, there are two play balls that will entice your cat to play and chase - one filled with a bell and the other with catnip!

The toy is easy to assemble with interlocking connections and can also be easily disassembled if needed, as no glue is required. It is made of high-quality felt material that is durable and easy to care for. The shape remains intact even during energetic play! The felt is extremely sturdy and stable, making it perfect for cats who love to play and hunt with lots of energy.

Felt is a material that many cats love because it is soft, cozy, and lightweight. It is also easy to clean. However, for hygiene reasons, please avoid putting wet food, treats, or liquids inside the toy.

Furthermore, felt is a safe material for cats. It does not splinter or crumble. The CanadianCat® felt toy is also stylish!

  • Hole diameter: Varies from 3 - 5 cm
  • Number of play balls: 2 pieces

Why a felt cat toy can be a good choice for you and your furry friend:

  • Felt is lightweight and soft, making it particularly attractive to cats who love to play and hunt.
  • Felt is durable and easy to care for, easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth. This makes it a good choice for cat toys that are frequently used.
  • Felt is safe, as it does not splinter or crumble. This reduces the risk of your cat getting injured while playing.