Cat house Petitot

Cat house Petitot

Cat house Petitot

The noble cat house "Petitot".

A crafted home for your cat made of MDF with an attractive wood finish that embodies not only functionality but also style. A practical combination of a cat cave with a fluffy reversible cushion for cuddly rest periods and an integrated scratching board as a roof for pleasurable sharpening of claws.

High quality materials: Solid MDF construction ensures durability and stability. The wood look gives the cat house a natural and warm look that blends harmoniously into your living space.

Double-sided pillow: Depending on your preference or the season, your darling can choose between a fluffy imitation fur or a cuddly imitation lambskin. This provides additional comfort and well-being.

Elegant design: The simple and at the same time elegant design of the "Petitot" makes it a real eye-catcher. It easily adapts to different furnishing styles and enhances every room.

A scratching board is essential cat furniture for every cat household!

Natural nail care: Your cat can instinctively sharpen and groom their nails, resulting in healthy nails and a happy pet. Protection for your furniture: With its own scratching facility, your cat's interest in furniture and carpets is reduced, which protects them. Play and activity: The scratching board also serves as a toy that stimulates your cat's curiosity and play instinct.

Versatile use: The "Petitot" is not only a safe retreat, but also a playground and place to sleep in one. Whether hiding, playing or just relaxing - your cat will find everything it needs here. It's more than just a snuggle den - it's a home that offers love, security and comfort.

External dimensions: approx. 60 x 39 x 39 cm

Inside dimensions: approx. 59 x 34 x 30 cm

Opening size: approx. 20 x 25 cm

A matching replacement scratching board from CanadianCat is also available for the Petitot!