HexaCat - Climbing Wall

The CanadianCat® climbing wall HexaCat for cats - an innovative and stylish piece of furniture for the modern cat household!

Our unique CanadianCat® cat-shelf offers your cat a variety of opportunities to climb, rest and scratch, while also serving as an eye-catcher and wall shelf at your home. The shelves with felt surfaces are a real work of art that brings joy to both cats and their owners. The shelves can be attached to the wall to save space, similar to hanging shelves, creating additional space for your pet cats to play and relax.

Our brand new metal shelf "HexaCat" impresses with its hexagonal shape and is equipped with three generous levels, each with a total size of 60 cm x 35 cm (W x D). In order to provide the cats with sufficient headroom, the tiers are each approximately 48 cm apart in height. The shelf itself has overall dimensions of approximately 120 x 104 x 35 cm (W x H x D).

The CanadianCat® metal shelves are not only functional, but also extremely aesthetic. Their robust metal frame gives the furniture a modern industrial look that fits seamlessly into any interior.
Each level has high-quality felt surfaces on both the top and bottom that your cat will love. The felt surfaces are glued firmly together in order to equip both sides of the level with felt.

The large diamond-shaped felt surface on the wall side is another highlight of the shelf - an absolute eye-catcher and also a practical scratching and cuddling wall for the cat. The additional support frame on the diamond side not only offers more stability, but is also suitable for attaching a toy or a dangling cat rod! Here you can creatively add another game option.

The felt lying surfaces offer the perfect place to linger and sleep - especially when the shelf is attached to the wall and offers an elevated position for observing the entire room. Cats love to sleep elevated so they can curiously examine their surroundings. The shelf has sockets for wall mounting - if you are installing it as a hanging shelf, please check the condition of your walls in advance to ensure sufficient safety.

  • Hexagonal shape: The metal shelf "HexaCat" with a size of approx. 120 x 104 x 35 cm - impresses with its stylish and unique hexagonal shape
  • Three generous tiers: With an area of 60 cm x 35 cm each, the tiers with a height distance of approx. 48 cm offer sufficient headroom for the cats
  • Diamond-shaped felt surface on the wall side: This surface not only serves as an eye-catcher, but also as a practical scratching and cuddling wall for your cat.
  • Toy Support Frame: The support frame provides a creative solution for attaching toys or cat fishing rods
  • High-quality felt surfaces: Each level is equipped with high-quality felt surfaces on both the top and bottom, providing claw care and comfort.
  • Space-saving wall mounting: The shelf is attached to the wall, similar to hanging shelves, to make the most of the space and provide your cat with an elevated position to observe the room.

Be careful not to peel off the adhesive strips on the felt elements! Please just remove the paper on the adhesive strip!