Sir-Scratch-A-Lot Catcastle

On Her Majesty's behalf

Your cat can explore, play, romp and climb on a total of three floors. Each of the floors is also ideal as a cozy retreat behind protective walls. The round cut-outs in the floor allow the cat to move comfortably from floor to floor. A natural incidence of light into the interior of the castle is guaranteed by the large windows. The roof, which is bordered with battlements, offers the cat the best possible view, on which it can keep an eye on its entire realm at an optimal height and is able to spot newcomers early.

The stately size of approx. 62 x 62 x 105 cm allows several cats to have fun in and around the large fortress at the same time. The castles strong walls withstand intense play. Two layers of double-walled and firmly glued corrugated cardboard are used for the base plate and guarantee a secure stand.

  • Double wall corrugated cardboard with a thick base plate.
  • Construction with plug connections. No tools or glue needed.
  • Sustainable, recyclable and free of harmful substances – made from 100% corrugated cardboard.
  • Overall size: approx. (WxDxH) 62 x 62 x 105 cm.
  • Floor height: each approx. 30 cm.

Thanks to the instructions, it can be set up easily and without tools or glue. The rounded corners of the plug connections can be easily inserted into the recesses. Wall and floor elements will fortify the whole construction. All components are made of double-walled corrugated cardboard. The cardboard castle is delivered flat.

Small details such as window sills and ornate floor ends give the castle an authentic look. The CanadianCat Logo decorates the front entrance. Creatives can also paint the outside of the cardboard box and thus create their very own style of the cat castle.