Cat Pillow LOVEc

Cat Pillow LOVEc

Cat Pillow LOVE

The CanadianCat "LOVE" Play Cushion Collection are available with a generous 5g of Valerian or 5g of Catnip for total long-lasting fun.

Our cuddly toys made of cotton ensure long-lasting sniffing and playing fun. The play cushions are wonderful to take between your paws, play with and lick, or carry to an undisturbed place to cuddle, where your furry friend can indulge in the stimulating scent of valerian or catnip in peace and quiet. Due to a special cotton fleece filling, the cat cushion is particularly soft.

The pleasant scent of the plant immediately attracts the attention of curious cats and encourages play. In this way, even leisurely cats can be inspired to do some action. It is thrown around, carried or even bitten with great pleasure - but your cat can also become a cuddly cat with it.

  • Generous capacity of 5g
  • Irresistible and stimulating fragrance
  • The cat cushion is a "fragrant" fun game for every cat
  • articularly soft due to special cotton fleece filling
  • Stylish and modern design from the Canadian Cat Company®

Valerian and catnip have a stimulating effect on cats. This is mainly due to the essential oils of the plants. These can be activated again and again by friction and/or heat.
The filling material used is not a carrier for germs or a breeding ground for mites and mold. No glue or parts that can fall off or be swallowed are used in the manufacture of the pillows.