Cat tunnel Otis

Cat tunnel Otis

Cat tunnel Otis

The hiding fun for your cat with the donut-shaped cat tunnel "Otis" from CanadianCat. This tunnel consists of two identical tunnel parts connected by linking loops, each providing a large entrance hole for your cat to effortlessly slip in and out. The exterior of the cat tunnel Otis is covered with fluffy long-haired faux fur, providing a very cozy and cuddly experience for your furry friend.

The additional plush pillow with a non-slip bottom in the middle of the tunnel ensures an additional comfortable resting place and creates a central resting spot in the middle of the tunnel when needed.

Whether you use the tunnel as a unit or place the two parts separately, fun for the cat is guaranteed in any case. The flexibility offered by this cat tunnel is particularly practical: you can distribute the two tunnel parts as needed, creating new play and relaxation areas for your cat or assemble the tunnel as a round "donut tunnel" – also infinitely expandable with additional tunnel parts!

The parts are connected by loops and can theoretically be connected to other tunnels of the same diameter. The tunnel is generally held in shape by incorporated wires. As an additional play incentive, a dangling plush ball is incorporated at the entrance of the tunnel.

This tunnel is ideal for curious cats who enjoy exploring their surroundings and playfully hiding. The donut-shaped cat tunnel Otis from CanadianCat is not only a great toy but also a cozy retreat for your cat. Cats looking to express their cave instincts will find a suitable retreat and playground with this tunnel.

At a glance:

  • Donut-shaped cat tunnel from CanadianCat
  • Length of each tunnel: approx. 100 cm
  • Tunnel diameter: approx. 26 cm
  • Cushion diameter: approx. 45 cm
  • Two identical tunnel parts with connecting loops
  • Fluffy long-haired faux fur exterior for comfort
  • Additional plush pillow in the middle with non-slip bottom
  • Flexible and expandable, can be assembled as a "donut tunnel"
  • Possibility to connect with other tunnels of the same diameter
  • Includes a dangling plush ball at the entrance for play stimulation