Dawson - spacious and versatile

The CanadianCat Cat Tree DAWSON is the ultimate climbing paradise for your beloved cat. With its generous dimensions of approximately 64 x 155 x 182 cm, plus its massive base plate of approx. 64 x 64 x 3 cm, it offers a diverse range of scratching and climbing options to satisfy your cat's natural instincts. This sturdy cat tree is equipped with a stable base plate that is 3 cm thick, ensuring a secure stance.

The cat tree features two spacious cuddle sacks, each with a diameter of approximately 45 cm. Whether for relaxing, dozing, or hiding, the cuddle sacks provide a cozy spot at height that your cat will love. This robust scratching post has various levels of different heights, allowing your cat to climb to their heart's content.

Another highlight of the Dawson is the extremely massive sisal poles with a diameter of 14 cm. These serve as ideal scratching surfaces for your cat to sharpen their claws and maintain them properly. A thick sisal rope is also attached hanging from a platform. The durable sisal fabric allows your cat to fulfill their natural needs, making furniture and carpets less interesting and thus protected.

In addition, the Dawson scratching tower offers a variety of lounging options. Your cat can stretch out, curl up and relax, or simply take a nap on the cozy platforms. Each resting area is carefully designed to provide the highest comfort and security. The cuddly house in the center of the cat tree, as well as the small tunnel underneath, also provide an excellent retreat for your furry friend.

The CanadianCat Dawson Cat Tree is suitable for cats of all ages and sizes. Whether active or rather calm, this scratching post provides plenty of play and rest opportunities for every cat. Not only functional but also aesthetically appealing, with its timeless design, it harmoniously blends into any living environment and becomes an eye-catcher in your home.

Key features of the Dawson at a glance:

  • Spacious with dimensions of approx. 64 x 155 x 182 cm
  • Covered in soft plush for high comfort
  • Stable base plate with 3 cm thickness for secure stability
  • Total width (loungers aligned to the outside): approx. 155 cm
  • Cuddly loungers with a diameter of approx. 45 cm each
  • Massive sisal poles (14 cm in diameter) for claw sharpening.