The "Kratzkarton"

The "Kratzkarton"

The "Kratzkarton"

Our entry-level model

The Kratzkarton by CanadianCat Company® ist he ideal entry-level model.

Whether as a lounge as a cozy chill-out area, or as, in the truest sense of the word, scratch cardboard - your cat will love the Kratzkarton by the CanadianCat Company®! The two side panels and the floor are removable and can be flipped and be used in both ways. This doubles the Kratzkartons life expectancy.

CanadianCat Company® is a real natural product! A cats real dream come true Every cat owner knows the cats love for cartons. They try to hatch into even the smallest cartons. Countless Youtube videos testify to this instinctive predilection. The idea of producing scratching boards and boards made of corrugated cardboard is therefore almost ingenious. Especially, because the corrugated cardboard has an incredible stability. The Kratzkarton is more than just a scratchboard to your cat.

Cats prefer, or more likely love boxes made from corrugated cardboard and usually get to work with scratch boards immediately. The particularly firm surface structure also accommodates large loads quite easily and offers the cat the ideal possibility to claws and scratch, no matter how big or heavy the cat is. Most cats immediately embosom their CanadianCat Company® scratch boards. There are often small rivalries between several cats. If you have more than one cat, it is recommended to provide a scratching board for each animal. A lot of exercise, games and fun are an important aspect for keeping your cat healthy.

In addition to the effective claw care, a scratching board also stimulates the natural drive of cats. CanadianCat Company®

Scratchboards are robust and excessively scratched by the cats.