Cats prefer or more likely love corrugated boxes and monopolize the scratch boards almost immediately

The particularly resistant surface structure takes on a considerable burden without a problem and offers cats the ideal opportunity to tread and scratch, no matter how large or heavy the cat is. Most cats immediately close their CanadianCat Company® scratch boards into the heart. Often there is little rivalry between several cats, if you have more than one cat it is advisable to provide a scratching board to each animal. Lots of exercise, games and fun are an important aspect for maintaining your cats’ health.

Besides stimulating the effective claw care the scratch board also satisfies the natural playfulness of cats. CanadianCat Company® Scratching Boards are above average and clawed and scratched on by cats.

Whether as a beginner model of the scratch cardboard or an elegant designer model of the Classic Series - available in natural wood optics or in an elegant black / white look - cardboard is a winner!

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The excellent properties of the CanadianCat Company® - Cat scratch boards at a glance:

  • CanadianCat Company® manufactures all products sustainable and environmentally friendly. Resources are spared to keep the CO2 emissions as low as possible
  • CanadianCat Company® uses finest recycled corrugated cardboard 100% free of formaldehyde and in the absolutely highest quality
  • CanadianCat Company® uses only harmless glues
  • CanadianCat Company® products are odorless
  • CanadianCat Company® sets the highest design standards. All models are ergonomically designed

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