Wooden cat wheel

Wooden cat wheel

Wooden cat wheel

"Cat in Motion 2.0" kit

Since 2016, CanadianCat® has been producing exercise wheels for cats. Here we present to you the latest kit, "Cat in Motion 2.0," made of high-quality multiplex wood. The running surface is made of durable carpeting, which is attached to the inner side of the wheel with strong velcro tape. This allows the carpeting to be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring that the exercise wheel remains hygienic and clean. This exercise wheel is the ideal training and fitness equipment for indoor cats as well as outdoor cats.

Thanks to its quiet construction, it is possible for your cat to play and exercise around the clock. The lightweight rollers used in the wheel are very quiet. With a stop lever located on the side of the wheel housing, you can fix the wheel in place. This allows you to determine when and at what time your cat trains and runs. The wheel housing is securely closed for safety.

Not only Bengal cats love CanadianCat® exercise wheels, but all cats use them to burn off their excess energy. The cat exercise wheel is also ideal for indoor cats as it provides them with the opportunity to indulge in their natural running and hunting instincts.

The CanadianCat® cat exercise wheel is a great addition to any cat household. It provides your furry friend with years of fun and not only strengthens their cardiovascular system but also boosts their immune system - naturally healthy and sustainable.


Here are the advantages of the Cat in Motion wooden exercise wheel:

  • Made of high-quality multiplex wood
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Soft running carpet for additional comfort and grip
  • Easy to remove and easy to clean
  • Quiet construction
  • Promotes active play and physical fitness
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cats


Deep running surface
30 cm

Running surface
Light gray carpeting

You need a tutorial for the assembly? Check this out!
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