Different levels, cuddly houses, a hammock and many more

The sturdy and stable Brockville scratching post is ideal for a multi-cat household and also offers large and heavy noses enough choice for climbing, romping, whetting their claws, lying down and dozing!
Varied and extra-large sleeping places invite your velvet paws to take long breaks! Great to play, scratch, but also to withdraw and slumber in the soft reclining trough or on one of the two lying surfaces.
Your house tiger can use the extra thick sisal-wrapped scratching posts to sharpen its claws with relish. In this way, you give your darling sufficient alternatives to the necessary claw care and also protect your wallpaper, carpets, curtains and furnishings from your favorite's wild scratches.

A very special highlight is the super comfortable bed. Here a cat or even several fur noses can snuggle up together comfortably and doze off with relish.

The conclusion is the huge and cozy cuddly bed with a high edge. From there, your velvet paw has everything in view and can perfectly observe its territory.

The Brockville scratching post is ideal for a multi-cat household due to the many different and varied lying and scratching options!
The heavy base plate and the many interconnected levels give the CanadianCat Company's scratching post a high level of stability. This makes it particularly suitable for large and heavy cat breeds!

The Brockville is the ultimate luxury class from the CanadianCat Company's cat tree collection.


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