Satellite 2.0

Classic Serie

The Satellite is the ideal scratching lounger for your cat with an ergonomic shape that can be used on both sides. Canadian Cat Company® is a real natural product! Every cat owner knows almost every cat's preference for cardboard boxes.

Cats prefer or love boxes made of corrugated cardboard and usually immediately grab the scratching boards. The particularly solid surface structure also absorbs heavy loads without any problems and offers the cat the ideal opportunity to claw and scratch, no matter how big or heavy the cat is. Most cats immediately take to their Canadian Cat Company® scratching boards. There are often small rivalries between several cats, if you have more than one cat it is advisable to provide each animal with a scratching board.

Lots of exercise, playing and having fun are important aspects of keeping your cat healthy. In addition to effective claw care, a scratching board also stimulates cats' natural play instinct.
Cats scratch and claw at Canadian Cat Company® scratching boards to an above-average extent.



The BLACK EDITION from CanadianCat - the elegant and modern series of scratching boards in stylish black.

The black scratching boards fit into any ambience and harmonize with all design lines. The unique black variant of our scratching post from the SMALL series is an absolute eye-catcher in both a modern and a classic interior. The CanadianCat logo in rose gold rounds off the exclusive design.

The scratching board is completely colored and remains black. The color is not dangerous for the cat.