Toronto 3

Toronto 3

Toronto 3 XXL

The luxury variant under the deck tensioner

The CanadianCat Company® Scratching Tree Toronto 3 XXL is the luxury variant under the deck clamps - Scratching Tiles XXL with countless play and retreat options.

Cats love space to play, climb and watch. In large rooms they want a lot of space for their favorite activities. The Toronto 3 XXL is a great addition. It is height-adjustable and can be extended up to a ceiling height of 240 - 260 cm.

The large base plate and the deck tensioner give the scratching board the best support, even if your cats are a bit wild and play. The Scratching Landscape has a modern and yet natural design in a noble color combination anthracite. With many accessories such as the play rope from natural sisal and the comfortable hammock, it offers your cat variety, but also retreats in the beautiful cottage on two floors. The animals can follow the natural scratching action on the 15 cm diameter stable stems with sisal wraps in the color shadow-gray.

Solid floor slab with house on two floors 50 x 50 x 70 cm and generous hammock, luxury plush and especially massive sisal columns in XXL with a diameter of 15 cm.