Toronto 2

Toronto 2

Toronto 2 XXL

Is ideal for a multi-cat household

The sturdy, durable Toronto 2 XXL scarf is ideal for a multi-cat household and also offers big and heavy fur noses with enough choice for climbing, raging, clawing, lying and throwing! Varied and extra large sleeping places invite your velvet paws to extensive rest breaks!

Prima playing, hiding, but also retreat and slumber can be seen in the large double sleeping cave with two separate levels. Here, two cats find enough space to retreat. In addition, there is a robust playing rope made of strong natural sisal at the plush-related upper lying surface. This can use your Stubentiger beside the numerous sisal wrapped scratch strains, in order to whet his claws with pleasure. So you give your darling enough alternatives to the necessary claws care and also protects your wallpapers, carpets, curtains and furnishings in front of the wild scratches of your favorite.

A very special highlight are the two super comfortable hanging mats. In this, a cat or even several fur noses can snuggle together comfortably and relish with pleasure.

The conclusion is the towering, huge and cozy cuddle bed with high edge. From there, your velvet paw has everything in view and can be superbly observe its territory. The cuddle bed can be easily removed from the bed plate and can be cleaned easily and quickly if soiled. In the meantime, your stubentiger can use the double-sided and softly padded couch even without the cuddle bed.

The scratching tree Toronto 2 XXL is suitable for a multi-cat household due to the many different and varied lying and scratching possibilities!

The heavy base plate as well as the many interconnected levels give the scratching system Toronto 2 XXL a high stability. This makes it especially suitable for large and heavy cat breeds!

The Toronto 2 XXL is the ultimate luxury class from the scratch collection collection of the CanadianCat Company® with a total weight of over 90 kg.