Set of 4 felt balls

Set of 4 felt balls

Set of 4 felt balls

in kiwi design

4 felt balls as a set with rustle capsules

Already in the Stone Age, the benefits of felt were well known. In the production of felt balls this millennium old manufacturing technique is still used today.

Experience has shown that all cats love products made of felt. CanandianCat Company's felt cat nests are sold 10,000 times and are very popular with cats and their owners.

Since it is only consistent to use this material even with stimulating toys for cats. The felt balls are a particularly ingenious and particularly species-appropriate toy for cats.

The felted balls in the set of 4 from 100% pure wool in manufactory quality captivate with their natural wool smell and let every cat’s heart beat faster.

With the rustling felt balls can be playfully cuddled, they are thrown around and carried around. In short: The perfect game for all cats - also suitable for large and especially rough cats.

The felt balls are made by hand. This can lead to smaller size variations.

4 pieces