Cat play pillow XXL

Cat play pillow XXL

Cat play pillow XXL in country house design with valerian

The trendy pillow with the feel-good scent in the Canadian country house look is fast becoming the favorite companion of your cat.

The soft fabric was chosen with love and filled with valerian. The pleasant scent of the plant immediately attracts the attention of curious cats and promotes the play instinct. Experience the fascination of your cat while playing with the pillow.

The Canadian Cat Company's XXL Valerian patchwork pillow reminiscent of the first Canadian settlers and farmers and the Canadian country house style with its romantic design makes it a real eye-catcher in any cat's basket.

Cuddly pillow with stimulating valerian filling
High quality sewn fabrics in the Canadian patchwork look
Soft surface
Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 5 cm
Quantity: one Patchwork pillow