Snuffle Rug

Snuffle Rug

Felt Snuffle Rug for Cats

The Snuffle Rug is the ultimate fun for big and small cats.

This rug is ideal for hiding games for all cats and ferrets. Sniffing makes them tired and satisfies our pets. Then sprinkle a few special treats or e.g. the usual dry food and let the cat search for it.

To put their noses to work is well suited for all animals. They learn to work concentrated and usually have a lot of fun looking for any treasure hidden in this rug. The carpet is a perfect occupation and also suitable as a kitten toy, and it also looks beautiful.

In addition, the carpet is washable at about 30 degrees in the washing machine, without washing powder and softener. Especially in winter or on rainy days the Snuffle Rug is a nice way to occupy the cat in the apartment.

With hidden snuffle compartment with velcro closure.