About us

About us


The idea

The idea to develop modern scratching furniture and cardboard scratchboards for cats was born in 2013 when our founder Michael Wagner visited his best friend Kerstin and her two british shorthair cats "Jerry" and "Tom" in Toronto / Canada.

During long walks through the woods of Canada, Michael and Kerstin defined the demands on future products in terms of functionality, design and the special needs of cats.


The team

According to experience, a new idea arises from a situation in which one reaches a limit. Back home from Canada, Michael inspired his team.

Together, the team developed new ideas and created a variety of products for Cats with a special focus on design and animal welfare, divided into three categories.


Design, play and practical

The product range is divided into shapely design objects, in particular scratching furniture, cardboard scratchers and beds for cats in a modern design.

In addition, toys, wheels and sachets in many shapes and designs, as well as practical items for a comfortable cat pose under the Canadian Cat brand are offered

The brand

All Canadian Cat products should be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Resources should be spared in order to keep the CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Only the finest raw materials of the highest quality and 100% absolutely free of toxins, especially free from formaldehyde, are to be processed. Only harmless, odorless raw materials, glues, fabrics and wood of the highest quality are used throughout the production.